WASP-NET includes a powerful RCS solver, which allows the efficient calculation of bi-static and mono-static RCS of user-defined or imported structures. The user can select different polarizations (linear V, H, and circular RH, LH), incident angles(s), frequencies. Also by WASP-NET calculated or imported  farfields can be applied as excitations.

Rigorous EM CAD in Seconds RCS Calculation Antennas + Feeds WASP-NET ®

RCS wizard with many pre-calculated examples, such as the NASA almond

  RCS speed: Complete RCS analysis of this NASA almond benchmark example, 91 sample points, V and H polarization: Total ca. 900 seconds

 Benchmarks: On up-to-date PCs

Radar Cross Section (RCS)   Calculation

RCS analysis of a frequency selective structure

 Features in addition to efficient RCS analysis and design

Visualization of induced Surface Current Densities

and Farfields

Induced surface current densities on a sphere






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A convenient user-friendly RCS wizard with many pre-calculated examples - serving as templates - enables users to intuitively apply the RCS tool.

WASP-NET’s wide application range for accurate, fast EM CAD and optimizations of all kind of passive microwave components / antennas proves - due to WASP-NET’s generality and flexibility - to be practically unlimited.

User-defined structures can be created or imported by using WASP-NET´s graphic 3D WNModeler.