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Fast EM CAD and EM Level Optimization

• Waveguide Components

Antennas and Feeds

• Combline / Coax Components

• Arrays and Feeds

• General 3D Structures

• Planar Structures / SIW

• Materials / Fields

• Design Wizards

• Designer Data Base

WASP-NET’s high calculation speed - typically ranging from a few seconds (for standard components) to a few hundreds of seconds (for large antennas and arrays with feeds) on standard PCs - enables fast direct EM optimization.
Practically unlimited application flexibility. No limitations by element catalog. User-friendly text- and graphic 3D-editors for arbitrary, user-defined 3D structures / antennas / arrays. 3D CAD data structure import, decomposition, parametrization, fast EM optimization.
Full-wave hybrid EM multi-solver accuracy. WASP-NET internal independent cross-verification by different EM solvers for first pass design success without prototyping.

User-friendy Design Wizards
• WASP-NET includes user-friendly design wizards: From specs to rigorous EM based results within a couple of minutes
• Waveguide filter wizard • Combine filter wizard • Dual-mode filter wizard • SIW filter wizard • Folded cross-coupled filter wizard • Low-pass filter wizard • Diplexer wizard • Coupler wizard • Waveguide transformer wizard • Corrugated horn wizard • Shaped BOR dual-reflector wizard • Shaped offset dual-reflector wizard • Slot array wizard, resonant and travelling wave slot arrays, including feed networks • M-matrix wizard
WASP-NET’s wide application range for accurate, extremely fast EM CAD and optimization of all kinds of passive microwave components / antennas (including feed-networks) proves - due to WASP-NET’s generality and flexibility - practically unlimited.
Complete efficient 3D EM CAD Solution / Not limited by Element Catalogs
Waveguide filter wizard
Dual-mode filter wizard
Combline Filter wizard
SIW filter wizard
Corrugated horn wizard
BOR shaped dual-reflector wizard
Offset shaped dual-reflector wizard
Slot array wizard, resonant / traveling wave

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