Based on more than fourty years of comprehensive, renowned research in advanced numerical electromagnetics (EM), WASP-NET has been developed - and is constantly being perfected - to achieve technically highest possible EM CAD and optimization speed without compromising full-wave accuracy and full 3D structure flexibility.

   WASP-NET's pioneering hybrid multi-solver technology exploits the advantages of solvers (speed and flexibility) and circumvents their disadvantages (high calculation times).

   WASP-NET is acknowledged by market leaders worldwide since more than 25 years for solving challenging EM design problems by fast direct optimizations.

   WASP-NET’s hybrid multi-solver EM CAD and optimization technique uniquely combines mode-matching (MM) speed with finite-element (FE) flexibility (extended by finite-element boundary-integral (FE-BI) technique) and method-of-moment (MoM) radiation computation efficiency, accelerated by fast multipole method (FMM), domain-decomposition method (DDM), adaptive integral method (AIM), physical theory of diffraction (PTD), physical optics (PO), and shooting-and-bouncing ray (SBR) techniques.
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   Benefits for WASP-NET users are extremely high calculation speed, complete 3D structure flexibility and full-wave accuracy for efficiently optimizing all kind of passive microwave components, antennas and arrays including feed-networks, directly on rigorous EM level.
Fast EM CAD and EM Level Optimization

• Waveguide Components

Antennas and Feeds

• Combline / Coax Components

• Arrays and Feeds

• General 3D Structures

• Planar Structures / SIW

• Materials /  Fields

• Design Wizards

• Designer Data Base


*Unique fast hybrid multi-solver EM CAD technology*Unique fast hybrid multi-solver EM CAD technology
Application Examples
Fast EM CAD and fast EM level Optimization of all Types of Microwave Structures, Antennas and Arrays
Waveguide Components
Waveguide components
Antennas and feeds
Antennas and feeds
Combline /coax components
Arrays and feeds
Combline / coax components
Arrays and feeds
General 3D structures
Planar structures / SIW / SSL components
General 3D structures
Materials / Fields
Designer Data Base: Templates for fast designs
Planar structures / SIW
Materials / Fields
Design Wizards
Designer Data Base
WASP-NET’s wide application range for accurate, extremely fast EM CAD and optimization of all kinds of passive microwave components / antennas (including feed-networks) proves - due to WASP-NET’s generality and flexibility - practically unlimited.

Wizards: Filters, horns, shaped antennas, slot arrays

WASP-NET is accurate, generally applicable and most importantly so efficient that fast direct optimizations on rigorous full-wave EM level can be performed  in extremely short  design times.
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