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Fast EM CAD and EM Level Optimization

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WASP-NET’s high calculation speed - typically ranging from a few seconds (for standard components) to a few hundreds of seconds (for large antennas and arrays with feeds) on standard PCs - enables fast direct EM optimization.
Practically unlimited application flexibility. No limitations by element catalog. User-friendly text- and graphic 3D-editors for arbitrary, user-defined 3D structures / antennas / arrays. 3D CAD data structure import, decomposition, parametrization, fast EM optimization.
Full-wave hybrid EM multi-solver accuracy. WASP-NET internal independent cross-verification by different EM solvers for first pass design success without prototyping.

• WASP-NET includes a comprehensive designer data base with more than 500 pre-optimized design examples of practically all types of microwave and antenna structures and components.

• The design examples serve as convenient and user-friendly templates for own fast advanced designs. Just scale selected template to desired frequency range, modify template when necessary, and re-optimize template to desired specifications with WASP-NET's powerful optimizers and utilizing WASP-NET's high optimization speed.

         • Designer Data Base Overview

• BOR antennas •Circulators •Coax-components •Coax-transitions •Combiners/dividers  •Combline diplexers •Combline filters •Couplers •Dielectric rod antennas •Dielectric loaded filters •Diplexers •Dissipative filters •Draft angles •Dual-mode-filters •Elliptical waveguide components  •Evanescent mode filters •Fields •Fractal antennas  •Group delay equalizers

• Helix combline filters •High-pass filters •Horn antennas •Horn clusters •Import of S-parameters •Import of 3D CAD data files •Insertion loss •Interdigital filters •Internal 3D check •Lens antennas •Low-pass filters •Lumped elements •Magic tees •Microstrip circuits •Mode couplers •Multilayer structures •Multiplexers •Notch filters

• Orthomode transducers (OMTs) •Patch antennas •Phase shifters •Polarizers •Probe antennas •Reflector antennas (dual shaped BOR + feeds) •Reflector antennas offset (dual-shaped + feeds) •Resistive materials •Ridged waveguides •Ringloaded corrugations •Rotary joints

• Slot arrays circular polarization •Slot arrays with dielectric layers •Slot arrays resonant •Slot arrays ridged waveguides •Slot arrays side slots •Slot arrays SIW •Slot arrays traveling wave •Smith chart examples •Squarax components •Stripline components •Substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) components •Suspended substrate line (SSL) components

• Text editor tutorial examples •Tuner tool examples •Tuning screws •Turnstile junctions •WASP-NET comprehensive array tool examples for optimization of phased arrays (Vivaldi, patch etc.) •WASP-NET characteristic mode (CMA) tool examples for antenna designs and placements

• Waveguide filters •Waveguide bends •Waveguide corners / junctions •Waveguide filters with stop-band poles •Waveguide structures with radii •Waveguide tapers •Waveguide terminations •Waveguide transformers •Waveguide transitions •Waveguide H-E junctions •Wire antennas •WNModeler (graphic 3D structure editor) tutorial examples •Yield analysis examples
WASP-NET’s wide application range for accurate, extremely fast EM CAD and optimization of all kinds of passive microwave components / antennas (including feed-networks) proves - due to WASP-NET’s generality and flexibility - practically unlimited.
Complete efficient 3D EM CAD Solution / Not limited by Element Catalogs

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